Salary Calculator - Social security in Bulgaria

Salary calculator

Salary calculator – payments for social security and income tax. Payments for pension fond, for complementary compulsory insurance and for health insurance

Salary report

Salary calculator
Types of social security
Type Percent Amount in leva
Contributory income
Total gross salary
Personal payments:
Health insurance
Income tax
Total personal payments
Net salary
Payments for the employer:
Work accidents fund
Health insurance
Total payments for the employer -
Total social security and income tax
Types of social security

We offer you this online calculator for social security payments and income tax.

In this calculator the percent for work accidents is fixed be default at 0.5 %, but it can vary between 0.4% and 1.1%, so you can type the proper value. You can select also the yar of birth – before 1959 or after 1960, because for the persons, born afteryear 1960, complementary compulsory insurance is paid.

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