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Do you need to think about accounting? Yes, you do, if you are conducting business a time will come when you will be thankful that you have a good accountant. The accountant is the one maintaining company’s financial documents in perfect order. The accountant is one of your closest people together with the physician and the attorney. This is why the accountant is sometimes defined as the economic attorney of a company.

Does it matter who your accountant is? Yes, it does. At the moment of conducting problematic practices you do not realize this and you do not think of ever needing to give explanations. You do not know where your vulnerability is. We do.

Every company needs accounting for reporting its activity. The long-term success of a company is impossible without duly performed accounting. The future of the firm and its business as a whole depends on the quality accounting.

We take our job very seriously. Our working hours are 24-hours a day. The business is priority, everything else is secondary.

As an independent firm we can afford to tell the truth. Our reputation is built on honesty. We always warn our clients about risks.

Besides taking care for the accounting we can be your consultant. In business you have to evolve to survive.

We offer you confidentiality. Nowadays even walls have ears. We know that the only way for keeping a secret is to not say a word.

Accounting firm “CONTABIL” OOD – town of Ruse renders accounting services for firms from town of Ruse.

The main types of services rendered are as follows:

  • Current accounting service and year-end closing;
  • Preparing and submitting tax returns and social security declarations as well as VAT returns;
  • Services related to personnel, payroll and manpower, employment contracts and self-employed individuals;
  • Representation before the National Revenue Agency (NRA) in case of inspections and revisions;
  • Registration at Commercial Register of a limited liability company at Commercial Register (single limited liability company, limited liability company).

Services are rendered to companies from town of Ruse.

Accounting as practically applicable activity also includes:

Contabil team
  • organization and control of document turnover and issue of primary accounting documents;
  • invoicing;
  • providing result financial information;
  • monitoring the settlement for accounts payable and receivable with suppliers and clients;
  • preparing employment contracts and payrolls for personnel;
  • inventory management;
  • internal control;
  • tax planning.

Our purpose is to provide quality service with which to ensure smooth functioning of the firm in its relations with state and supervisory authorities as well as with clients and suppliers, banks and personnel.

Every commercial company, every business needs accounting and our services are designated for firms assigning accounting service to an external accounting company.

The advantages of the accounting company as an external organization are as follows:

  • the vast experience gathered during the practical problems in large number of various companies;
  • scale economy due to working with a large number of clients because of which expenses related to office and work place, paid to the accountants and expenses for computers and computing equipment, program assurance and software are distributed between many clients;
  • the relative independence of the accounting company from the specific client allows it to give impartial opinion on the activity, making the accounting service more reliable.
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