Reporting INTRASTAT in Bulgaria

Reporting Intrastat in Bulgaria

Intrastat is the system for collecting statistical information for the trade in goods between countries of the European Union (EU). The Intrastat report replaces customs declaration in intra-EU transactions.
Each EU member state establishes annual threshold value for each calendar year. Companies which surpass the threshold are required to file Intrastat forms. There are 2 types of declarations – for arrival and dispatch of goods. Intrastat covers goods that have been bought, sold or moved between EU countries.

In Bulgaria only VAT-registered businesses submit Intrastat returns. In Bulgaria the reports are submitted to the fiscal administration and contain the following data:

  • the identification number of the company, which reports the declaration; intrastat
  • the reference period – for which month is the declaration;
  • the flow (arrival, dispatch);
  • the type of the goods, according to the Combined Nomenclature;
  • the value of the goods;
  • the quantity of the goods;
  • the partner EU member state;
  • the terms of delivery.

The supply of services is excluded from Intrastat. Intrastat is a separate reporting and it is not the same as VIES, which is intended for VAT fiscal control for the intra-community supplies of goods and services without VAT among the EU member states.
Contabil OOD offers submitting of Intrastat returns.


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