Accounting in Bulgaria

Accounting services

Contabil OOD is an accounting company, which offers the complete spectrum of bookkeeping and accounting services:

Accounting services
  • Double-entry bookkeeping – purchase and sales invoices, bank statements;
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable record keeping in Bulgarian leva and in foreign currency like euro, Romanian lei, British pounds, US dollars etc.;
  • Payroll accounting;
  • Accounting for long-term tangible and intangible assets and depreciation;
  • Preparation of interim financial reports;
  • Preparation of documents for bank loans and leasing;
  • Annual reporting, trial balances, general ledger and subsidiary ledgers and all types of accounting records;
  • Preparing of financial statements – Balance sheet, Income statement (or profit and loss report), Statement of cash flows, Statement of changes in equity;
  • Preparing and submitting the Annual report to the National Statistics Institute;
  • Preparing and submitting of monthly and quarterly reports to the National Statistics Institute in case that the company is selected for reporting by the National Statistics Institute;
  • Submission of the financial reports to the Commercial Register;
  • Applying an appropriate base for preparing the financial statements: the National Financial Reporting Standards or the International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Preparing and submitting declarations to the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) for accounts payable and accounts receivable from foreign persons and for each bank account opened abroad;
  • Preparation of different kinds of reports;
  • Participation in taking physical inventory;
  • Organization and consultation of how the source documents should be issued;
  • Organization of the system of the internal financial control in the company;
  • Assistance in introducing new software or information system in the company;
  • Preparation of financial statements in Bulgarian, English and Romanian language;
  • Consultations in the area of the accounting, commercial law and taxes.

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