Price for a ready made company in Bulgaria

Price for a ready made company in Bulgaria


We sell shelf companies as it is described at Ready made company.
The price for a ready made company is 900 euro for a company with a sole partner, 950 euro for a company with 2 partners, or 1000 euro for 3 partners.
The change of the name of the company is included in the price.
After you buy the company, you should open one or more bank accounts in Bulgaria or abroad. Opening bank accounts in Bulgaria costs 10 euro plus the amount you decide to deposit in the accounts.
If the company will make imports or exports of goods outside of the EU through the customs, you will need an EORI code, which costs 50 euro.


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Sunil Pun Magar

.I would like buy Shelf Company in Bulgaria.Please send me details for further information.+977 9818006460
Email ID:


I would like buy aready made Company in Bulgaria vith Working VAT and registering as intra-comunity operator. Activity: export-import of all kind of goods, cars, car parts, etc. with a bank account in € with internet banking and a bank card but without coming to Bulgaria.If it is possible Please send me details for further information


Good morning,
I would like to purchase a ready made company in Bulgaria with more than one year trade license for trading abroad.
The shareholders will be two.
Please let me know about the procedure, the cost, and how long is going to take to finish the purchase process.
Thanks and Regards

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