Bulgaria - intra-community supplies

Intra-community supplies of goods

Using your company in Bulgaria, you are able to perform intra-community supplies of goods. EU
The intra-community supplies of goods are taxed with a zero rated VAT.

In order to benefit from the zero VAT a number of conditions must be met:
  • Both the Bulgarian company (the supplier) and the customer must have a valid European intra-community VAT code;
  • The transport must be done from Bulgarian territory to the territory of another EU member state;
  • You need a document for the transport - a CMR, signed by the sender, the carrier and the consignee (the buyer);
  • The reality is that the Bulgarian tax administration also requires further proof of the transport, for example a receipt for the fee for the bridge, which is paid when crossing the border to Romania.
In a similar manner the Bulgarian company may buy goods without VAT from all other countries from the EU, if the goods are transported to Bulgaria.


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